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See some of our product range samples, type and capacity for cosmetic packaging. Our packaging is not limited on this website display, we can supply more products based on your need and demand. Contact us for more details!

glass bottle2.png

Glass Bottle

Glass bottle is the ideal container to preserve your fragrance quality. See our wide range of perfume bottle options that are perfect to alleviate your brand elegance.


Makeup Packaging

Launch your brand in our high quality decorative packaging that are available in various case types such as eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipsticks, and many more.



Build your own skincare product range with our airless, serum, tube, and jar series.


Roll On

Roll on packaging can be used not only for perfumes, but also for essential oils and other products.


PET Bottle

Our resilient plastic bottle are suitable for your everyday products. Customize your bottle with our broad size range and color options.


Cap, Pump, and Spray

Choose the correct bottle cap for your product. We supply flip top cap, lotion pump, treatment pump, sprayer, and many more!

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